Integrative NLP Practitioner Online Course

You’re searching for immediate, lasting results. Your life needs something that creates real change and starts adding value to your day today. Good news…you just found it. We’re Here to Empower You with the Integrative NLP Practitioner Online Course*

Unlock the Power of the Mind!

Used by leading minds, coaches, and business leaders, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is scientifically proven to reprogram, transform, and empower the brain to achieve more in life. This is achieved by understanding and adapting your neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns to help reach your goals.

Powered by NLP, You Will Learn to:

  • Communicate Better

    Connect with anyone by improving communication skills

  • Overcome Depression

    Learn how to be positive and how to become more confident

  • Be More Perceptive

    Achieve greater understanding of the world around you

  • Learn to Adapt

    React better to your surroundings so you can take control

  • Be More Present

    Rewire and harness your mind to be more mindful

  • Achieve Your Dreams

    Overcome procrastination and achieve a purpose driven life

  • Get Ahead

    Accelerate your self improvement

  • Empower Yourself

    Prove to yourself constantly that you can do anything

Gain Access to:

  • Connected Community

    Support, discussions, and insights from fellow NLP practitioners.

  • Live Webinars

    Join for continued learning, discussions, and Q&A from expert trainers.

  • Transformative Videos

    More than 10 hours of video content, including Sensory Acuity and Rapport.

  • Live Training

    Receive 1 ticket to attend a live NLP Practitioner Certification Training.**

Start Learning Now

Real Change Begins Here

After great demand, you can now access an ongoing, in-depth NLP education anytime, anywhere by utilizing this online results-based training tailored to bring the learning you wanted, right to you! Simply register for the online course and take control of your destiny by mastering these teachings throughout your daily life for true transformative growth.

Bonus Content!

Sign up now for exclusive access to bonus videos:

  • Submodalities

    Achieve your goals and better understand how to become more confident.

  • Mapping Across (Like to Dislike)

    Make lasting, positive change in your life by using submodalities to overcome barriers.

  • Ho’oponopono

    Discover how to release negative emotions and learn to forgive yourself and others.

  • MER

    Learn how to transform yourself mentally and physically through dynamic Mental and Emotional Release®.

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Leading You To Greatness

You’re in great hands with Dr. Matt James — the expert in NLP with over thirty years of experience teaching people just like you.

As an industry leader in personal development, Dr. Matt teaches his students how to live their most empowered, fulfilling life by incorporating the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of Self.

Dr Matt James

PhD in Integrative Health Psychology, Master Trainer of NLP, Author & Global Speaker

What People Are Saying

This course is for anyone who wants to communicate better, reach their goals and make more money!

Jodi LaBossiere

NLP is like magic, only better, as it really works, time and again.

Merna Justic

My expectation was that this training would be great, however it was beyond my expectations. It was life changing!!

Ann Braunagel

Through this training I learned the tools that I could use immediately in my business. Great combination of classroom and experiential experience. It will give you the confidence to take things into your world and achieve high levels of success.

Anthony Lee

I was impressed with the design of the course. It's a comprehensiveness depth of experience shared, and a generous value given for the cost.

Gary Gonzalez

I went in with the thought that it may not have as much to offer because of the price (that very soon changed). My eyes have been opened in such a big way to how we work and the world around me. If I want to succeed doing something, I know I can, I now feel empowered!

Kalem Fergusson

Nothing short of life changing. Amazing! I was able to use the tools in my career. I recommend a million times over.

Renee Chorney

I have learned more about myself in this training. Amazing! It has changed my life, literally. It is the best thing you can do in terms of self -development.

Nancy O’Fallon

Experience your moment of transformation!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied, let us know within 14 days and you will receive a full refund. *Please note: This course is not eligible for certification. **Ticket must be redeemed within one year of purchase.

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100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied, let us know within 14 days and you will receive a full refund. *Please note: This course is not eligible for certification. **Ticket must be redeemed within one year of purchase.