We Unlock the Power of Your True Potential

We believe in empowering people to harness the language of their own minds, because we are all meant to embark on a journey toward discovery and self-improvement. And it is because we believe in these things that the outcome and effectiveness of our training is truly effective, overwhelmingly positive, and lasting.

Why this works

Real People & Positive Change

By consistently offering a sense of congruence and honesty through open communication and respect for every individual’s growth, we are able to motivate people through personal transformation, helping them to evolve into their most purposeful self. We’ve spent countless years gathering all of the best concepts and techniques to help you gain control of your mind, your emotional state, and your life. And, through the inspiration of ancient Hawaiian teachings, we are able to instill a sense of confidence, fulfillment, and a new-found connection with the world around you.

We believe in empowering the world, and in empowering you.

We believe you are meant for this. And it is because we believe that the outcome is overwhelmingly positive.

Learn from our experts

“You can literally let go of your stuff — negative emotions…limiting beliefs and you can look at your past in a totally different light. Life is only about suffering if we decided to make it about suffering.”

Dr. Matt James

Empowered by Dr. Matt

Proficient and highly regarded in NLP, Ho’oponopono, Huna, Mental and Emotional Release® (MER), and Hypnosis, Dr. Matt James is one of the most sought after and respected NLP Master Trainers in the world today. As a global speaker and educator, Dr. Matt embodies the principles he teaches and is living proof of their power. He has been chosen to carry on the deep lineage and traditions of Huna, has taught many of the foremost trainers in the world, and continues to help thousands of students through his leadership and guidance.

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What People Are Saying

"Prior to MER my business had a lack of clarity and agreement. After MER I know that there are amazing opportunities once baggage is released. I now have clarity of purpose and peace of mind going forward. It’s amazing to trust the unconscious mind and let it do what it wants to do, power and purpose."

Andrew M.

"Having experienced MER I was able to target that I needed to work on and embrace the process. I was able to understand what really needed to let go of in regards to my relationship. I learned how to get rid of my baggage. I think MER is vital because it can help you to get rid of the strongholds in your life and to live your life to your fullest potential."

Lara F.

“It has assisted me in being the happiest that I can be every single day. It is very easy to stay calm and peaceful through what used to be very stressful situations."

Karen Moriuchi
Occupational Therapist

“Since taking the Huna trainings, my dreams have become reality, both personally and professionally. Huna has enabled me to enhance and develop my intuition and psychic abilities, not only in a practical sense but also in my understanding of them.”

Stella James
Sekhem Master

"Before Huna entered my life, I never would have been able to go to Hawaii or, other countries, or even other continents like I can now. Thank you so much.”

Mark Yapelli
Personal Empowerment & Life Coach

"I now have more energy and feel better than ever! Huna assisted me in discovering that I enjoy offering the healing benefits of massage therapy and spa services to people. Anybody can have anything what they want in life; it is just a matter of learning how to get it.”

Susan Black
Massage Therapist