Around and Around We Go

The Power of Cycles in Personal Growth and Achievement
By Dr. Matt James, President of Empowerment, Inc. and Master Trainer

We think so linear in the Western world, don’t we? So, what is linear thinking? Linear thinking is step-by-step-by-step-by-step. For example, the idea of two steps forward one step back is a very linear approach to thinking. The problem is, nowhere in the universe is anything linear. The earth circles around the sun. Planets are round. Galaxies are circular. Everything in the universe circles and all ancient cultures believed in a cyclical approach to life. They believed in cycles, but in the Western world, we think in linear ways. Linear thinking is helpful for some task and getting a project done, like building a home or learning to drive. The problem is when we apply linear thinking to what operates in cycles.

Cyclical thinking allows us to see ourselves and everything in the universe as energetic beings instead of static physical elements. For example, right now, the earth is very close in proximity to where it was exactly one year ago and so the energy that you were experiencing a year ago may be present again. Cyclical thinking allows us to revisit themes in our lives. If you are revisiting themes, the question to ask is are you spiraling upward to greater heights, or are you circling downwards, meaning you are the same or worse in your relationships, money, career, spirituality or health. How can you tell which direction you’re spiraling? If you are spiraling upward, you may be revisiting a similar theme but you might be experiencing it a little bit differently. Maybe you react more calmly to people who used to trigger you. Maybe you made progress in your spending habits. Or maybe you notice better communication with your partner. Cyclical thinking allows you to notice where you are improving and growing as an individual, and as a spiritual energetic being. As you cycle, whether it’s with your health regimen, how you manage your career, your finances, your relationships, or you’re connection with your children, you may see slight improvements in the themes you revisit over and over again. Linear thinking, however, negates the concept or idea that you revisit certain themes. Instead, linear thinking explains life moving in only two directions – forwards or backwards. If you think in more of a linear way, you might feel that you haven’t made any progress or you are moving one step backwards because you only see your goal as either perfectly achieved or not.

Now is the perfect time for you to take a step back and ask yourself what themes keep circling in your life. See if you notice any improvement since last year in a specific area of your life. Then, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Are there themes you revisit over and over again? Look back over the past years and see if you can find some common themes.
2. When you encountered these themes in the past, how did you deal with them?
3. How did you handle yourself in that situation?
4. Have you improved in even the tiniest bit?
5. Are you cycling upward or downward? Meaning, are you more connected to yourself or less so?
6. Have you improved in your connection with yourself, with spirit, with your emotions, your finances or your health?

When you start to think in this cyclical way, you begin to connect with this higher vibrational energy and what you begin to realize is that you are improving on a regular basis. You’re improving every bit as much as you possibly can every single day with what you know now.

As you become more aware of energy, cycles and themes, you’ll begin to notice higher energetic vibrations and you’ll be able to use that energy to work with you in achieving your goals. When you notice improvement along the way, even if only a little bit at a time, take a moment and pat yourself on the back. When you do this, you’re giving yourself permission to constantly improve, grow and evolve. Linear thinking is great for building businesses and buildings, but when it comes to building a life, cyclical thinking can light the way to empowering your life and achieving your goals.

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