Integrative NLP Coaching Program (Contact office for details, this is a year long training)

October 26 - 30, 2024


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Oct. 26, 2024

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Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River
5201 North Pima Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250


Training Hours


About This Program

Many coaching programs are only 100 hours (or less), and many are delivered solely online. This live in-person training component builds upon the iNLP training, this means you will be a more experienced coach than many out there. After you have completed the coaching training you will have 200 hours under your belt. Those 200 hours include curriculum, practical application, and what many companies don’t offer SALES and BUSINESS BUILDING information with instruction for implementation!

Connect with our Enrollments Team at (800) 800-MIND(6463) for more information about the program.

What You’ll Experience

For any and all professionals looking to communicate more effectively and create better relationships, this training allows you to not only experience the tools, but also practice them through full coaching sessions that will guide you to becoming an Integrative NLP Coach. All graduates will be certified by AIP, and eligible to be certified by ICF and IAC.

To become a board certified Integrative NLP Coach you will first attend an Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training, so sign up today to receive discounted prices and bonuses at the initial training!

Best of all, sessions are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Speakers subject to change.

What You'll Receive

  • How to implement and fully utilize iNLP tools and new coaching tools to be the most effective coach, allowing your clients to experience the most powerful, life-changing outcome.
  • The secrets of sales, enrolling, marketing, social media, and networking.
  • How to niche yourself as a coach and find your core strengths that will allow you to experience & express your passions in life.
  • How to build a network, acquiring and referring clients.
  • How to create a comprehensive action plan helps you to take everything from the training and start implementing it right away, building your practice from week one!
  • Module: Building Your Business Online Course

    12 Weeks Online (February-April)

    In this module you will:

    • Learn the fundamentals of business logistics
    • Learn how to research and define your niche
    • Understand strategies to ensure business growth and sustainability
    • Learn how to identify and target your ideal customer
    • Develop an effective business plan which is the essential roadmap to a successful business
    • Discover best practices with technology
    • Learn how to inspire and maintain motivation in business
    • And more!

    Module: Marketing, Sales and Social Media Online Course

    12 Weeks Online (May-July)

    In this module you will:

    • Learn how to make sense of marketing and develop an effective marketing plan
    • Learn social media strategies and content creation to connect with your target audience
    • Learn how to stand out and get noticed with your service or product
    • Learn what a sales funnel is and why is it vital to have one that converts
    • Learn to maintain and sell with integrity: honest and ethical sales practices
    • Learn strategies that transforms objections into closed deals
    • Learn the Power of Referrals: How to create successful and consistent marketing through your own referral pipeline
    • And more!

    Module: Coaching Skills Online Course

    11 Weeks Online (August-October)
    INC LIVE October 26-30th, 2024 Phoenix, AZ

    In this module you will:

    • Learn the basics of coaching
    • Learn how to establish a coaching agreement
    • Learn how to establish trust and a safe coaching environment for your client
    • Learn the foundation of coaching preparation and presence
    • Learn how to track client progress and accountability
    • Understand conscious communication
    • Learn how to give and accept feedback
    • Learn proper steps to planning and goal setting
    • Attend the live 5 day training in Phoenix, AZ
    • And more!

    Module: Coaching Skills

    In-Program Coaching | 12 Weeks Online
    Start date: November 2024
    Finish date: January 2025

    In this module you will:

    • Learn rapport building and client intake
    • Learn to help your client see their vision and light up their desire
    • Learn how to teach your client about SMART Goals and the approach to setting them
    • Learn how to put your client’s SMART Goal into their future, utilizing their timeline
    • Learn how to discuss values with your client and conduct a values elicitation
    • Learn how to introduce the Presuppositions of NLP to your client and discuss them conversationally with them
    • Learn how to teach your client to apply a resource anchor
    • Learn how to teach your client about hakalau and V/K disassociation
    • Learn how to teach your client about strategies and how to elicit one
    • And more!


    Dr. Matt James

    Master Trainer of NLP; MA, Organizational Management; PhD, Integrative Health Psychology

    Trainer(s) are subject to change.